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Hiring A DJ For Your Wedding

The DJ, more than anyone else, will have the most influence over the success or failure of your party. A good DJ will create a lasting memory of a great party. Nothing is more pleasing to a Bride and Groom than to hear their friends and family comment year after year about how much they enjoyed coming to your wedding and how much fun they had!

A professional "Weddings DJ" does more than play music. He will be the Master of Ceremonies, handle all the announcements, manage the "Schedule of Events" and will alert the photographer (and others) throughout the event as to when special things are about to happen - for example, the "First Dance" and the "Bouquet Toss". In other words the DJ runs the show! With so much at stake, the DJ is the last person you want to pinch pennies on.

DJ Fees
Some Food For Thought

Should you look for the cheapest DJ in town or should you hire the best DJ available for your wedding? Do you want an experienced Pro handling the important DJ and MC duties and responsibilities at your wedding, or are you willing to gamble on an inexperienced DJ to save money.

Experience is very important. There is a major difference between a professional weddings DJ and a "Club" DJ. Never, never consider putting an inexperienced DJ in control of the most important party of your life. That's a recipe for disaster.

You should only hire a DJ for your wedding that sincerely cares about your needs and the success of your party. The worst thing you can do is hire a DJ that is only interested in getting paid, - and can care less about the success or failure of your party. Your DJ should be available to meet with you, for as long as it takes, to go over every aspect of your party to make sure that he knows exactly what you want and what his responsibilities will be.

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